Choose Different Types of Patches That Are Most Suitable

Are you in search of exploring different types of patches? Then how about we quench your thirst?

In this blog, we have shared the most popular types of patches, which are sufficient to bring you to the limelight.

Do you know patches have versatile uses and can go with almost everything? They are the perfect choice to revamp your outfits on a budget.

Not only this, but they also look awesome when put on as fashion accessories.

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Some Trendy Types Of Patches That Are Perfect For Any Use

Trendy Type Patch 1: Leather Patches

Custom Leather Patches are a versatile option for those who want both a rugged and sophisticated look. They can be customized with imprinted logos, rivets, and other options, making them a lavish and luxurious alternative to traditional crests.

Leather patches can leave a long-lasting impression, whether it is customized or not. They are normally utilized by style labels, bag companies and leather-based item producers to carry an experience of excessive elegance and a rocky attitude. Also, you know both opulent and faux leather are popular options for custom leather patches.

Trendy Type Patch 2: Woven Patches

Woven patches are a type of emblem produced using thinner threads and without a base fabric, which results in a smooth, flattened appearance. They are ideal for intricate designs that require fine details, such as lowercase or script lettering. Woven patches can capture these details even in smaller areas compared to embroidered patches.

The threads used to manufacture these patches are woven densely together, which creates a smooth, non-raised texture and cleaner lines that resemble a printed look. Additionally, the patch is streamlined and thin, and an illusion of colour gradient can be achieved by using different shades of similar coloured threads in small areas.

Despite being made without an anchoring base fabric, woven patches can withstand many wash cycles, although they are less durable than embroidered crests. They have a modern and sleek appearance that is perfect for various applications.

Trendy Type Patch 3: Embroidery Patches

Custom embroidery patches are a high-quality choice for designs with a variety of contrasts. Using embroidered emblems is a great way to enhance your design and ensure that your logo or artwork stands out on your product. This is achieved by combining a variety of vibrant thread colours.

It is the most common type of patch, and you can choose to create your own crests or buy a ready-made one. The patches are regularly introduced to denim and leather-based jackets. However, they may be introduced to any type of garment due to the fact they’re a cheaper and more fashionable alternative.

You know – emblems with embroidery are regularly visible on jackets, uniforms and headgear. They consist of a twill base that can be utilized perfectly for creating a special design with embroidery.

Trendy Type Patch 4: Airsoft Patches

Airsoft patches have evolved significantly from simple embroidered designs to more complex and personalized artworks. This evolution has enabled players to express their creativity and individuality through their patches, thereby enhancing the airsoft experience.

In Airsoft, a patch is more than just an embroidered decoration; it helps to unify team members, cultivate camaraderie, and elevate the spirit to a higher level. Airsoft patches have a rich history and hold great significance within the Airsoft community.

They are a visual representation of a player’s dedication, accomplishments, and team identity. As the Airsoft community continues to grow, the importance of Airsoft patches in promoting sportsmanship, fostering comradeship, and building a sense of belonging cannot be overstated.

Therefore, the next time you see someone proudly displaying their Airsoft patch, take a moment to appreciate the stories and experiences it represents.

Trendy Type Patch 5: PVC Patches

The PVC patches are 3-dimensional crests that give a realistic kind of sense to the product it is connected to. These emblems have a modern and rough look, are made of plastic, and are perfect for unique designs with intricate details.

The absorbent threads of these patches can handle mud, water, and other elements, making them tough and durable. The special material used to create them allows for custom sculpting, giving them a tactile feel that is both wonderful and impressive.

Trendy Type Patch 6: Printed Patches

If you want to express your dreams on your clothing, printed patches can be a great option. They are easy to apply and come in a variety of designs and pictures. These crests involve printing a photo, text or other images on a piece of cloth, making them look more like wearable photographs than traditional patches.

They are cost-effective and can be delivered quickly, making them ideal for jobs with tight budgets and schedules. So, if you want a patch that expresses your creativity and personality, consider getting a printed patch today!

Trendy Type Patch 7: Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are often used to represent a college or a team. They are added to uniforms, jackets, and sweaters and have a unique texture because they are made of two layers. The surface of these emblems is fuzzy and interesting, thanks to the layer of felt.

Although chenille patches are considered outdated by some, they are now back in fashion due to their cosy, woolly fluff. They may not display intricate details, but they reflect simple text or designs well. Chenille crests are a perfect complement to thick, woollen hats, stockings and sweaters.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your wardrobe, consider incorporating chenille emblems into your outfits. Go for bright, vibrant designs with straightforward text and let these fuzzy threads shine!


How can I apply patches on my clothes?

You can apply your patches easily by glueing or ironing them if you are looking to temporarily decorate your clothes. However, if you want to do it permanently, then it is viable to sew them on your outfit.

What are the most common types of patches available in the market?

The most common types of emblems available in the market are Embroidery patches, PVC crests, Name badges, Bullion patches, Printed emblems and Leather crests.

Which is the most suitable garment or fabric for patches?

The most suitable garment or fabric for patches is cotton. However, some other materials can be utilized to develop crests, including acetate, polyester, silk, wool, and polyurethane.

What is the recommended patch size for a stunning logo appearance?

The recommended patch size to make your logo prominent is 3.5 inches. However, it is up to you what size of logo you desire as most informal events clothing demands a large size logo.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Patches are of great use and made with exceptional details. They are great choices when you are shopping on a budget. Whether you want to elevate your style or want to upgrade your old outfit, they are the most suitable option. As you know, fashion is all about creating one style and reflecting one’s personality through it, so why not utilize some patches to redefine your style statement and make your personality shine through it?

Because a real fashion enthusiast knows that style is all about feeling confident in what one’s wearing!

Then, Are You Ready To Use Patches or Not?

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