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Kuwait Woven Labels

Kuwait's Leading Manufacturer of Custom Woven Labels

GulfPatches.com is your chance to grab the highest quality label tailored to your needs. We are the titled as the best-woven label manufacturers in Kuwait for customizing everything your way. We produce premium tags made with the finest threads and hold a crisp look. From color and design to size, you get all of that at the most affordable prices in the market.

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That's What Makes Us The Best Woven Label Company In Kuwait

Unique Designs Every TimeUnique Designs Every Time

We let you become the decision-maker of everything with our customization option. Every inch of your personalized woven labels is designed to perfection. Crafting them in quality that gets all the limelight is our forte.

Most Economical PricingMost Economical Pricing

Look around for woven label tags; you'll find us the most affordable in Kuwait. We are ready to capture your heart with our wholesale pricing. With no minimum order quantity, saving up isn't complicated.

Timely Delivery In KuwaitTimely Delivery In Kuwait

It's no surprise that you'll get your parcel on time. Our fastest delivery circles from UAE to Qatar without any delay. Even with the most urgent order, we never failed to impress with our prompt delivery.

Woven Label Printing Shop

The Ultimate Woven Label Printing Shop In Kuwaiti Landscape!

From Bahrain to Oman, our custom cotton woven labels have waved in with a layer of excellence. Since our woven name labels have the ability to enhance any garment, Kuwaiti people are falling head over heels for our tags.

The obsession continues as every label is made precisely, moulding the threads beautifully to bring your vision to life. Not just design, but our custom woven clothing labels are available in many different styles, like

  • Woven Fabric Labels
  • Damask Woven Labels
  • Satin Woven Labels
  • Iron On Woven Label

We're A Woven Labels Maker Known For The Finest Quality In Kuwait

Woven labels are an incredible way to enhance your brand identity and jazz up your garments. Our woven labels are celebrated across the Gulf as we compromise on quality and exceptional services. With tags professionals in the team, creativity seeps into the labels to match the highest quality standards. Intricate detailing, smooth finish, and vivid colors make our fabric tags durable and striking to the eyes.

Our Finest Woven Brand Labels Are Famous In Every Mile Of Kuwait

  • Al Jahra
  • Kuwait City
  • Al Ahmadi
  • Al Farwaniyah
  • Abu Halifa
  • Al-Maqwa
  • Hawally
  • Sabah Al Salem
  • Salmiya
  • Jabriya

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'Premium Woven Labels in Town' - Kuwait Is Showering Us with Appreciation!

Kuwait's Favourite!Trust Score 4.9 | 1223+ Reviews
April 05Amazing Finish & Quality

“From charm woven labels to woven neck labels, I have tried their labels many times. They always met my expectations in terms of quality and design. Smooth finishing and detailing was the best.”

Yousaf Muneer
March 20Affordable Price Tags

“I was looking for the best-woven label providers near me and found that Kuwaiti people were raving about them. I understood this obsession when I received my custom labels at a cheap price.”

Zuhair Waseem
May 27Fast and Economical

“Whenever I need woven label tags in Doha, I straight up call them. Their online response is quick, and their service is phenomenal. Plus, their prices were super affordable even for a custom order.”

Sarah Ali
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Extra Value Kuwaiti's Get With Every Woven Label Order!

  • 100% Free Samples Within 48 Hours
  • Infinite Tweaks Until Your Approval
  • No Bounds Of Minimum Order Quantity
  • Complimentary Consultation With Experts
Design Your Own Label

Our Open-Ended Customization Grants Your Long-Awaited Wish of Woven Labels in Kuwait

Labels are a great way to communicate and leave a sweet note to the customer. However, not many brands and businesses are utilizing it the right way. Don't lose your customers, and use that small tag wisely. Our custom-woven brand labels are a piece of art as we craft them from scratch. Be it Loop or Manhattan fold, our tags are perfect.

We customize your tags all the way so you can share your message effectively. Whether you want to add your mini logo or be quirky with the instructions, we sweep your vision into reality. Unlike others, we let you choose everything yourself so it can mirror the picture you had in mind. We do it your way, be it size, type, or color.

Sating Woven Label

Kuwait's Finest Quality Satin Woven Labels Add A Premium Touch To Exquisite Garments

There's no denying that a great woven fabric label can up your garment game. That instant upgrade you get is no less than an incarnation of an outfit. The signs of life boost only if you get that done right. From iron on, damask to satin, we do any tag in the quality irresistible to the audience. It is not just a clothing piece but a way to add an appealing touch. This is why the quality you get is top-notch. We never bargain on the quality, nor do we overlook it.

Quality has to be the best. This is why they are made from high-quality fabric. No more irritation as the material is soft and smooth to the skin. You can go for any design you want, and we'll go miles to achieve that. We stich your woven dream with the finest quality threads hugging together to form remarkable tags. In a nutshell, our top-quality charm woven labels work as icing on the cake. Our premium quality hits the right chord and captures attention.

Welcome Rich Brand Identity with Our Custom Woven Clothing Labels in Kuwait

We are label geniuses and never miss out on any chance of creating a robust brand image. Previously, tags were used only to share clothing instructions. But now we are coming in with our unique woven labels to communicate what you believe in. This is done flawlessly with our team of qualified and highly skilled label makers. Our professionals will design the labels with the blend of your logo's colors. That's one way to scream your subliminal message.

The label tale continues as we do everything to whisk it with your brand. Not just logo colors. But we add taglines, brand names, or even a small logo design. Perhaps molding it into a specific shape or style may also work in your favor. The idea is to communicate your message with the beautiful threads making up labels. Stay calm as we customize your tag with exceptional quality that merges right into your brand image.

Woven Labels Printing

Our Swift Woven Labels Printing Covers Half The Middle East and Kuwait!

Ordering and waiting for months isn't a part of our woven label printing experience. Instead, you'll get your custom woven label tag in no time. The first brick of our outstanding services was laid when we began our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Kuwait. This saves up many hours. Hence, we produce your custom tags within weeks only. Thanks to our streamlined quality check, which helps us produce with the highest quality standards.

We pace up your order and cut short the delivery time in half. Even the rest is like a breeze since we deliver your labels right to your desired location. From Saudia Arabia, Iraq, and Doha to Bahrain and Kuwait, we cover every location so you can add that missing pizzazz to your garments. Because you aren't shackled with any minimum order quantity, we will produce as many as you want. No more long queues; get your labels within days only.

Quality Woven Sewing Labels at Wholesale Prices in Kuwait

Finding the highest quality labels that look appealing and are light on the pocket isn't a walk in the park. We know that premium quality is conducive to splashing out. But here we are, coming up with the best iron-on woven labels. You can now get your hands on customized clothing tags without burning a hole in your pocket. Our wholesale prices are highly affordable, so everyone can instantly turn up the notch of their business.

Besides cheap rates, our lucrative deals will bounce you off the walls. You can further slash your bill with our exciting discounts. They're spread on every occasion, but one discount is up all year round – our fascinating bulk discount. All you've got to do is order in bulk, and the outturns are a super economical quote. You still don't have to mess up your sleep schedule by delusion, as we never trade off the quality. Get the best quality at a rock-bottom price.

The Most Demanded Queries Are Answered!

There are simply no hidden charges involved, no matter what kind of labels you have ordered. You will get a quote for the labels, and that's the only amount you will have to pay. In case you want to modify the quantity or upgrade your order, you will be quoted another amount. Besides that, you don't have to pay any extra penny.

We are really the fastest in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and many other countries. However, your delivery time depends on some factors like quantity, type, and size. On average our delivery time doesn't take longer than 7 days. Although it's a quick turnaround, you can still speed up your order by signing up for express delivery.

There's no way any such is happening with our heirloom woven labels. Our labels are made with premium-quality threads. All this happens under the supervision of our expert label maker. Each tag has to go through a robust quality check to qualify them for your order. Precisely, only the best ones are sent to you.

Of course! You can share your own artwork to get that printed on the label. Whether it is a little note or any design, we customize that accordingly. Just ensure when you submit your file, the design is in high definition. It's highly preferred that your file format is also appropriate, like PDF, PSD, JPEG, or JPG.

There's no set price, as you are opting for customization. However, the starting price starts as low as 20KD. The price may vary for any white woven labels depending on your selected customization options. There's no minimum order, but remember that the more you order, the lesser the price will be.

Not at all! When you place your order, the rest of the hassle is only part of our life. We'll design and manufacture your labels as per your instructions. After the approval of the sample and in-depth quality inspection, we ship your products to your said location right at your doorstep. It's completely hassle-free!