PVC VS Embroidered Patches: A Side By Side Comparison

GulfPatches.com is the name that comes to each and every Arabic industry that is in need of quality patches. These experts have worked day and night tirelessly to establish their name in the highly competitive market by tailoring top-notch patches. The patches these skilled workers offer are made with utmost precision and care.

Do you know that these exceptional workers do not tailor so-so patches; rather, they celebrate the entire patch-making process? This is the secret behind them crafting classic thread-y creations that the clients cherish for their entire lives. The best part? These professionals tailor patches of all shapes and sizes per their clients’ wishes.

If you want to know what services these experts offer, we suggest you read this blog more carefully. By the end of it, you will be well-informed about the awesome services these experts offer.

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Different Types Of Patches – Get The Right Pick From The Gulf Patches

Embroidered Patches

You can add them to bags, uniforms, backpacks, fabric accessories, or anything else that you like. The cherry on top? These patches are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and designs.

Embroidered patches are tailored from numerous fabrics, including denim, cotton, wool, and much more. These patches can be sewn into the garment using a durable stitching pattern and a high-quality thread. Such patches add a creative touch to the wardrobes of every fashion enthusiast. Yippee!

Sports teams and schools also take advantage of these kinds of patches because they are a perfect way to personalise outfits. So, if you are interested in getting custom patches for yourself, you can visit gulfpatches.com/ to get your hands on the most intricately designed emblems.

PVC Patches

In contrast to embroidered patches, PVC patches are tailored from a flexible material. These patches are often sewn onto clothing articles, including backpacks, bags, and other accessories. Some PVC patches also come with an iron-on backing, which can be attached to garments using a certain amount of heat.

Like embroidered emblems, PVC patches also come in many different sizes, designs, and shapes, including symbols, letters, numbers, etc.

These patches are a perfect way to personalize your accessories. Do you know that many industries also use these add-ons for fundraising purposes or sporting events? Because these patches are durable, they prove to be a great way to promote and brand businesses or products. So, what do you think of them?

Chenille Patches

The fluffier, the better! That is right, folks. We are talking about the chenille patches. These fuzzy patches really stand out with their striking textures and bold colours. Although such emblems do not support intricate designs with loads of details, they work very well with patterns with minimal details and about 1 to 3 colours maximum.

 Chenille patches look breathtakingly awesome on sports gear. Have you seen sportsman wearing their jerseys with bold chenille patches showcasing their names or numbers? We bet you have! So, order one for yourself, too, from the best providers of patches – GulfPatches.com.

Printed Patches

Do you want to bring ultra-detailed, high-fidelity, and colorful designs to life? Well, then, look no more beyond printed patches. These emblems are the perfect answer to all your queries. No matter if you opt for screen-printed or digital-printed ones, we assure you that you will receive the most beautiful and first-rate quality patches for yourself.

These patches have been used for centuries; however, in recent times, they have become increasingly popular, and rightfully so! There are a lot of reasons behind their popularity. For instance, they possess the ability to easily and quickly add a personalised touch to accessories and clothing. Awesome!

Leather Patches

The best part? These patches come with a lot of backing options. So, you can choose from a wide variety, isn’t that amazing? If you are interested in investing in an emblem that you can cherish for the rest of your lives, then there is a wide variety of leather patches available on gulfpatches.com/. You can also customise your own patches by telling the skilled workers your requirements.

Classic. Cool. Iconic. Nope, we are not only talking about GulfPatches.com; rather, we are highlighting their top-notch quality leather patches that anyone can get for themselves. That is right! Being 100 per cent customised, these faux or genuine leather patches can elevate your entire look just by sitting innocently on your article of clothing.

Woven Patches

Woven patches are ideal emblems for people who are looking to capture intricate details in their patches with preciseness and clarity. Embroidery patches have more of a layered and traditional look to them. On the contrary, woven patches have a seamless and flat appearance.

Clients looking for an add-on with accurate details and small lettering opt for woven patches due to them having a smooth texture and a tight weave pattern. So, if you are seeking quality woven into every stitch, you know now what to do!

  • What is the best material for patches?

Felt is undoubtedly the best material and the most preferred choice for patches. This is because their edges do not fray like the other types of add-ons. Felt emblems require less edge finishing, so one must not have to stress about the loose stitching.

  • What does PVC mean for patches?

Originally known as Polyvinyl chloride, the PVC patches are tailored from a flexible and durable plastic material that is similar to rubber. These add-ons can be made out of any color, shape, and size that can tolerate high levels of heat and cold.

  • Do PVC patches lose their colours?

PVC patches are popular for their unbeatable strength and durability. The detail in the artwork is precise and crisp. Moreover, the colors of a PVC patch are extremely vibrant, thus bringing the entire design to life. PVC patches are extremely durable in that they will not fray, peel, fade, or crack even after rough use.

  • What is the main difference between embroidery and patches?

Direct embroidery is when the design is sewn directly onto the article of clothing. On the other hand, a patch is a separate piece of embroidered fabric that is stitched on top of the garment.

Summing It All Up!

That is all, folks! By giving the above-mentioned blog, we are sure that you are well aware of the differences between embroidered patches and PVC ones. GulfPatches.com offers the patches that are discussed above in the highest quality. Moreover, these experts also offer timely delivery all over the Gulf. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and visit their website right now to get to know more about them. Do not forget to order a handful of tiny emblems for yourself, too. 

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