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‘Gulf Patches Are A 10’ - Says Our Happy Clients!

Our satisfied clients have a lot to say!

RatingGreat Quality Threadwork

“I’m glad to see the quality of my custom embroidered patches. They looked fantastic, exactly like the design. The bright colors and fine threadwork made it amazing.”

Date of experience: Oct 15, 2022
RatingVarious Backing Options

“Ever since I received my patches for caps, my whole look has evolved. With exceptional designs and backing options, I’m receiving compliments more than ever.”

Date of experience: Oct 23, 2022
RatingIt Was A Smooth Process

“My hat patches turned out great. They made the process super smooth by keeping me in the loop. My concerns were addressed. Definitely recommended to all!”

Date of experience: Dec 02, 2022
RatingTheir Rush Delivery, Great!

“When I placed the rush order for custom logo patches, I was skeptical about their turnaround time. But they took me by surprise with their prompt delivery across Gulf.”

Date of experience: Dec 13, 2022
RatingI’m Their Loyal Customer

“I’m happy with my PVC patches and the services I received. Their clear communication and free revision made me their loyal customer. They are the best patch maker.”

Date of experience: Jan 05, 2023
RatingThey Are My Favourite

“I was looking for low-priced army patches but didn’t want to compromise on quality. Luckily I came across their website. They have been my favourites ever since!”

Date of experience: Jan 12, 2023
RatingComplimentary Consultation

“I explored their website and find the best reviews. I wasn’t sure about ordering my jacket patches and they were kind enough to give me free consultation.”

Date of experience: Jan 21, 2023
RatingNo Compromise On Quality

“My overall experience with them has always been great. I had previously got my biker and back patches from them. Without any doubt, they are exceptional in their work.”

Date of experience: Feb 09, 2023
RatingWaterproof PVC Patches

“I’m stunned by their quality. My uniform patches look crisp and high-quality PVC, making them waterproof and glossy. They were beyond perfection. Recommended!”

Date of experience: Feb 17, 2023
RatingThey Took My Approval

“I was unsatisfied with the jersey patch samples. They offered me free revision. There were no hidden charges involved. They did it quickly and asked for my approval.”

Date of experience: Feb 28, 2023
RatingReasonably Priced Patches

“They are the most affordable patch shop in Gulf. My requirements were simple and they made it exactly how I wanted. They nailed every design at reasonable prices.”

Date of experience: March 01, 2023
RatingThey Completed My Look

“Whenever I need football patches, I know only they can do justice to the designs. Great designs and their top-notch quality always completes my overall look.”

Date of experience: March 11, 2023
RatingRecommendation From Friends

“My friend recommended their hat patches. That’s why I wanted to get it done by them. When iI opened the package, I realized what the fuzz was all about. Great Job!”

Date of experience: March 19, 2023
RatingGot Bright Colored Patches

“Ordering from them was the best decision I made. My custom logo patches look great. The crisp patches and vivid colors make it even better. Amazing service.”

Date of experience: March 30, 2023
RatingThey Were Sturdy & Robust

“I loved the durability of my PVC patches. Not only did they look great with their sturdy and glossy finish but it was made from high-quality material. I surely recommend them.”

Date of experience: April 18, 2023
RatingBest Embroidered Patches

“Whenever I need embroidered patches, I know exactly which door to knock on. They are my go-to patch maker because of their top-notch quality and affordable prices.”

Date of experience: April 29, 2023
RatingValue-For-Money Deals

“Where other patch shops asked a lot for just a few patches, they gave me an exclusive package, a true value-for-money deal. Prices were reasonable for the quantity.”

Date of experience: May 09, 2023
RatingMost Reliable Patch Maker

“I was searching for woven patches in Gulf and that's how I discovered them. Great reviews and reliability made me order from them. Overall, I had a great experience.”

Date of experience: Jan 13, 2022
RatingSuper Fast Delivery Time

“My friends and I needed football patches for our school club. It was a big order but our deadline was strict. I’m still surprised that they delivered it within 18 days.”

Date of experience: Jan 20, 2022
RatingSame Quality For Years

“I’ve been their regular customer because of their quality and competitive prices. I have been ordering their iron-on patches. Quality has been the same through the years.”

Date of experience: Jan 01, 2023
RatingThey Are My Go-To!

“Velcro patches are my preferred choice for t-shirts. Only they customize the quality that stays brand new for a long time. They are my patch savior in Gulf.”

Date of experience: May 20, 2023
RatingCaptivating Patch Designs

“I went through their patch design studio and found many eye-catching designs. I choose one of them. They were courteous to revamp it as I wanted. Fantastic.”

Date of experience: May 24, 2023
RatingOverall Amazing Experience

“I went for their quick delivery since I wanted to get my hands on it soon. Their experts guided me well and shared the designs for my approval. All in all, it turned out excellent.”

Date of experience: May 31, 2023
RatingThey Took My Approval

“It was a smooth and hassle-free process. They kept me informed about the design and always looked for my approval before proceeding to the next step.”

Date of experience: June 02, 2023