New Gulf Patches Blog: Explore Diverse & Purposeful Types

Here at Gulf Patches, we get a lot of questions from our customers about the type of patches we offer and their features. So, we have decided to answer all your queries through this one-stop blog. If you have been thinking that only one kind of patch exists or all types are the same, the following content will clarify your misconception. You will also get an idea about which kind would match your requirements perfectly, thus letting you elevate your patch game.

Major Types Of Custom Patches

For someone who doesn’t know much about patches, exploring the following types may come as a surprise. Each one of the following patches is unique in nature and used for distinctive purposes. Here’s what you need to know about the type of badges we offer:

Sure, let’s delve into the details of each patch type:

1. Embroidered Patch:

Embroidered patches come into existence after stitching threads onto the fabric backing. It usually has a textured and raised appearance due to its embroidery stitches. It’s commonly in use for branding, personalization, and identification purposes. Our many clients also use them to decorate their various items, such as garments, headwear, bags, uniforms, and even footwear.

Embroidered badges are versatile. You can customize their fabric, colour, shape, designs, and size according to your likeness or brand image. They come in diverse stitching techniques and are generally available in cotton, polyester, or metallic threads.

2. PVC Patch:

It is manufactured from a type of plastic material, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which has a rubber-like texture. These custom patches are usually flat in appearance, suitable for intricate details and vibrant hues. PVC badges are also highly durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof, which makes them suitable for outdoor gear and military uniforms.

PVC emblems are also purposeful for bags and other items that need resilience against harsh conditions. You can customize their appearance by making their design 2D or 3D. Choosing a Velcro backing for it would let you easily attach and remove it from your clothing or accessory.

3. Woven Patch:

Threads weave together to form the design of a woven badge. It is lightweight, flexible, and has a flat surface and smooth texture. The best feature about them is their capability to represent intricate designs and detailed artwork with great clarity. They are frequently used for branding, uniforms, sports teams, and fashion accessories.

4. Chenille Patch:

Made out of chenille yarn which is fuzzy and textured, making this badge’s appearance soft and plush. It is the perfect choice for varsities, letterman jackets, and sports-related garments. Its primary purpose is to showcase accomplishments, team logos, and academic institution emblems.

All vintage admirers should include this emblem type in their garments, as it represents an eye-catching retro appeal. Like all other kinds, this one is also highly customizable. However, its size is comparatively larger than all other types.

5. Leather Patch:

As its name indicates, its primary material is faux or genuine leather, which offers the badge a classic and sophisticated look. However, it has a textured surface. Top manufacturers, like us laser engrave or emboss text, logo, or designs onto the leather emblem. Its best features are durability and the rustic aesthetic it offers when applied to the product, depending on the design and finish. You would majorly notice leather motifs in branded items, as well-known designers include them to embrace a premium touch to their products.

6. Photo Printed Patch:

Photo-printed patches come into existence through printing designs, including photographs, onto either a fabric or a synthetic material. Anyone who wants to incorporate intricate details, gradients, or realistic images should consider this type. It is commonly used as a memorial item, souvenir, promotional product, or customized gift. It is immensely versatile, allowing you to choose the shape and size to suit your application.

Patches Tailored To Meet Your Every Need

We take care of our client’s needs, therefore we also offer various types of gulf patches that suit every purpose. Here are the prominent and customers’ favourite ones:

Airsoft Patches: usually serve as a trophy earned after performing well at a battle. They come in cool designs and team logos that airsoft warriors wear with great pride. These small pieces add a touch of personality to the battlefield whether it is in the woods or an urban setting.

Emergency Service Patches: are more than just fabric pieces, they’re symbols of resilience and bravery for police officers. It acts as a tribute to the commendable service that they offer in the face of danger. Generally, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics wear emergency service badges to represent their commitment to protecting the community. These small pieces are a source of pride and inspiration. It honours those who keep their lives on the line to keep citizens safe.

Flag Patches: are like tiny pieces of home that you can carry wherever you go and represent your homeland with pride. Your country, such as the UAE’s flag design on the badge serves as a reminder of your national identity. Usually, travellers and patriots purchase this type to keep their sense of belonging and unity alive.

Sports Patches: these are the badges of honour for athletes who celebrate their achievements on the field or court. Whether winning championships to setting records, these pieces commemorate the resilience and dedication needed to excel in the sports industry. You can also get one for yourself to flaunt athletic achievement in front of the world.

Motorcycle Patches: are best for enthusiastic bikers to display their road adventures and thriving experiences. It represents freedom and rebellion, along with a unique culture and brotherhood within the biker community. These motorcycle badges are a way for motorcyclists to express their individuality and love for the open roads.

Fire Department Patches: act as a shield of honour for the courageous men and women firefighters who battle blazes to keep us all safe. Each badge displays their bravery, sacrifice, and service, plus the legacy of heroism that they leave behind while protecting life and property.

Closing Thoughts

That’s a wrap for this new Gulf Patches blog. Hopefully, you have got a clear picture of our offerings and their outstanding features. Each type has its own value and significance among the wearers, depending upon their professional and lifestyle. You should also decorate your garments and accessories with the above badge types and embrace some meaningful touch. Otherwise, you can also gift them to your loved ones to tribute to their admirable service and commitment to their profession.

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