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Custom Embroidery Patches In Oman

GulfPatches.com supplies high-quality, versatile and customized patches to help one personalize their gear, in any way they want! From army patches to custom embroidered patches, football patches and biker patches, our embroidery factory in Oman can manufacture it all. Fun fact: There's no other embroidery factory in Cairo, Qatar, Sharjah, Dubai or across Gulf that can match our towering standards.

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Impressive Perks Of Our Embroidery Shop In Oman

Rapid TurnaroundRapid Turnaround

We don't just lead the industry in terms of high-end custom embroidered patches but also promise to be at your service within seconds. Our team is online 24/7 to assist you with your queries.

Free Design ServiceFree Design Service

Let the modernistic designers here transform your imagination into an artwork so you can approve it before it goes for the final production. We amend/edit the artwork at no additional price.

No Minimum CriteriaNo Minimum Criteria

Either you need custom patches in bulk, or just a handful to lighten up your loved one's mood; you can order from us. There's no minimum order quantity requirement at our embroidery factory.

Embroidered Patches In Oman

The Uses Of Custom Patches Are Infinite

At our patch shop, we love creating personalized embroidered patches for clients belonging to various fields! That's because innovation in fashion has pushed the boundaries for custom patch uses.

Gone are the days when people ordered military patches for uniforms only. Now, individuals from almost every sphere consider ordering personalized embroidered patches for themselves. Some of the industries are mentioned below:

  • Medical sector
  • Schools/Institutes
  • Biker clubs
  • Clothing brands

Custom Embroidered Patches In Oman – Unconfined By Limits

GulfPatches.com is more than a patch maker company name – it's an idea, a motive, and a passion to deliver outstanding quality custom patches for caps, jackets, jerseys, jackets, uniforms, hats and much more! The best part about us is we are unconfined by the limits. This means our patches design studio will deal with whatever design or requirements you throw at us.

Our Embroidery Factory in Oman Has The Largest Footprint

  • Muscat
  • Sohar
  • Salalah
  • Al-Seeb

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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by our patches design studio in Oman, Gulf

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April 05I Am Impressed!

Well, I am really impressed with their quick service and professional assistance. They helped me throughout the process and ensured I was satisfied with their custom patches.

Donald Farley
March 20High-End Patches

I know no other custom patches manufacturer in Oman that can deliver such high-end quality personalized embroidered patches. Hats off to their customization guide.

Wallis Vance
May 27Worth Praising Service

It was surely a memorable experience! From helping me pick the right type of material to perfect backing and design assistance, each and everything thing about them is worth praising.

Carleigh Faina
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Every Order Encompasses Of:

  • Approval Before Mass Production
  • Free Delivery To All Oman Addresses
  • 100% Patch Customization Promised
  • Free Artwork Service With Limitless Edits
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Oman's Top-Rated Embroidery Shop That Has A Myriad Of Capabilities

The real catch about our patches design studio is our myriad set of capabilities! We have the potential to deal with the most diversified set of requirements. We don't manufacture aesthetically pleasing embroidery patches but also respect a customer's unique requirements.

From manufacturing prime quality PVC patches to embroidery patches, t-shirts, Velcro patches, iron-on patches, sew-on patches and woven labels – we can bang out everything. To boot, we don't mind directly embroidering on clothing to cut the slack for the customers. Sounds fun? Place your order now!

Custom Patches In Oman

Quality Threads & Custom-Artwork – Doesn't It Looks Like A Dream Custom Patch?

Being the country's oldest and most senior patches manufacturer, we have mastered the anatomy of patches and embroidery service. Stunning patches aren't just forged randomly. Instead, there are many building blocks that turn a 'good patch' into the 'greatest' one. The quality of threads, artwork, border type and backing type are a few elements that combine together to result in an irresistible patch.

The quality of each element is equally responsible for breeding a durable and irresistible crest. And that's where we take ultimate pride in. From backing to the quality of fabric/PVC and border, we ensure it's of the highest standard. That's the reason why our delivered crests outlast the garment and serve for the longest time. Isn't this what you have been rooting around for so long?

A Patches Manufacturer In Oman That's Unknown To The Word 'Impossible'

Creativity knows no bounds, and so does our embroidery service! Clients are granted the right to choose any possible type of crest, the backing, borders, design, color, shape and size. For us, no combo is ever impossible. So whatever crest design you have dreamt of, we can turn all of that into a reality. Be it a zipper PVC patches, crest for keychains, or patch for a mobile cover – we have manufactured and delivered all of them.

Our no-bound embroidery service in Oman has also appealed to organizations and businesses! Marketers who are always hunting for unique ways to promote their brands opt for our embroidery services and patches. The reason is simple – custom patches are the easiest and most proven way to captivate the audience. So if you have a hard time catching attention, try promoting yourself through personalized crests.

Oman’s Patches Maker

We Aren't An Expensive Custom Patch Maker – Get Reasonably Priced Patches In Oman

The tradition of overcharging customers under 'quality' and 'professionalism' has prevailed forever. But guess what? We are known for breaking the shackles and barriers of traditions. Here at our embroidery factory in Oman, we manufacture top-standard personalized crests at a very affordable price. You might see 'low price' as a red flag, but the scenario here is different.

We have pinched the pricing to make this space budget-friendly for customers. Our low prices and high standards combine together scream our unique difference. Also, exclusive deals, discounts, and no minimum order requirement further sweeten the pot. Therefore, if budget is a problem for you, consider reaching us, and we'd deliver top-quality patches to your doorstep.

Why GulfPatches.com For Custom Embroidered Patches?

Because we are the purveyors of custom embroidered patches. Our quality, customer service and pricing – everything's unbeatable. We have invested in the finest raw material and made it go through rigorous quality assurance before bringing it to the warehouse. So you know – when you place your order with us, you can be sure that your patches will be manufactured out of best-in-class raw material.

Also, there's no limitation in terms of order placement and all! Be it PVC patches, hat patches, custom logo patches, motorcycle patches, back patches or anything else – we are the mavens of it! It just takes one decision to place your order with us, and we promise to astonish you with our high-end service. And in case you encounter any problems, we are always right there with you – just one click away.

Need Answers? This FAQ Section Has Solutions To Your All Queries

Of course! That's nothing to worry about because we can turn any design into a custom embroidered patch. Not just embroider ones, but we manufacture top quality iron-on, sew-on, Velcro, woven labels and other types of patches as well. Hence, every design can be transformed into a patch.

That depends upon how you use them. But if our manufactured patches are treated well with care, they can serve lifelong. However, the durability varies depending on the type and backing. For instance, sew-on patches might not fall on, but iron-on patch might lose their grip after a certain number of washes.

You are free to pick any type of backing for your personalized crests. We offer various options like Velcro, iron-on, sew-on, clutch pins, self-stick, etc. It depends on the use of customers. But, people usually prefer going for Velcro due to its longevity. Rest is the customer's choice, and we'll offer everything they want.

They both are different types of backings. Iron-on has an adhesive, which is activated when heat is supplied to it. Meanwhile, sew-on means the patch's backside is plain and needs to be sewn with a needle and thread. We offer both types of backings for the ease of the customer.

Before forwarding the design for a manufacturing process, we take approval from the customer. The design is turned into an e-draft and forwarded to the customer. And in case they want some changes, we cater to them at no additional price. Our artwork service (with edits) is free.

Our prices are highly affordable! We are the rare patch maker in Oman that has kept its prices lowest. However, the final quote depends upon the customer's preferences and design. For instance, a patch with upgrades might cost a little more, while plain cotton badges would cost next to nothing.