Preparing Easter Festivities With Iron-On Embroidery Patches

We have almost reached the end of March, and Easter is just around the corner. Soon, it will be time for festivities with iron-on embroidery patches. Children will be out playing egg hunts. Teenagers will be decently dressed in adorable costumes and busy dancing. Whereas grownups?

They will prepare enchanted meals like roasted lamb, carrot cake and the festive special hot cross buns. Yumm… we feel like blowing out a chef’s kiss. Just thinking of it has made us drool; we wonder what will happen on Easter’s day. We will probably be overeating!

Easter is way beyond food, egg hunt and dance only. It calls for church services, family gatherings and even gift exchanges. Oh, how much everyone loves a surprise gift. Let alone kids… even the grandmas and great-grandmas want them.

Some common Easter presents are all sorts of bunny-customised kinds of stuff, from slippers to hair accessories to chocolates, toys and crockery essentials. However, this year, we have brought you a revolutionary choice. Try the super affordable, compact and most charming favours ever – customised iron-on embroidery patches for Easter.

Easter Craft Patches 101 – Six Freshly Brewed Ideas!

It is never about the cost or brand of your gift but forever about the thoughtfulness. Similarly, it is the affectionate gesture that is cherished as beautiful memories and not the notes that you spent. Therefore, these extraordinary patches are wonderful to present to your loved ones.  

Moving on, below are six cool ideas on how your family and friends can use these iron-on embroidery patches, easy-going bits of magic. Let us explore together.  

  • Jazz Up The White Tees

Every 2 out of 3 people have those plain white t-shirts shoved in the corners of their cupboards. You have to give these people a reason to pull their shirts out and use them. Hence, find considerably bigger iron-on custom patches for both – you and your friend. Now imagine how cool this bunny covering will look in the middle of your white tees. Both of you can wear it for Easter, and you can take twinning selfies. Woah… creating memories of a lifetime!

  • Flair For Your Frocks

Next up is your niece, who lives near the countryside. She is just 4 years old and already knows what fashion is. We bet she will enjoy wearing a bunny-themed frock because of how much she loves to dress up. For her, you can order either one big fabric emblem or many small ones. Then, use an iron to place that big one on the belt of her frock. Alternatively, you can also strategically place the small ones throughout her dress. She is going to love this!

  • Pillow Embellishments

A few nicely set pillows on the living room couch are enough to satisfy the perfectionist soul of your mother. Therefore, here is an idea. First, find a trustworthy patch maker and order a custom heat-pressed motif. The design must include a few colourful Easter eggs and a bunny beside them. Moreover, beneath them should be a text, for example, ‘We love you, Mom’ or ‘Thank you, Mom.’ This will surely make her smile ear to ear. 

  • Special Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are great crafts for several reasons. They do not empty your pockets; they are heartfelt, and their quality is assured. In addition, they strengthen the bonds between two people so they are fit to use as Easter crafts. Design everything yourself, and you may even use puns as text to match the party theme. Then, do the embroidery, cut it, and paste it on the fabric adhesive sheet. Now cut it out again, and voila! You have a special patch ready.

  • Glitz For Your Shoes

The Easter embroidery patches are a decent fix for every occasion and perhaps every spot. We tried them on clothes and pillowcases; now, let us add some spice to our sneakers. Get a solid-coloured pair of shoes and pick some tiny egg patches in bulk. Now, set them with appropriate gaps and use steaming iron to glue them in place. There you have it… a stunning and matchless pair of footwear that will spark conversations everywhere you go. How cool is that?

  • Enhance Headwear

Not only footwear, these heat-pressed motifs are a great choice to enliven your boring headbands, clips, ponies and whatnot. You can place bunny ears on the headbands to match your outfit, and it will make you shine even brighter. Otherwise, you can add carrots to your hair clips and how cute they look. Moreover, you can also go for a little extraordinary by covering your hats and caps with special Easter patches. It will be like a touch of flair to your celebration costume, leaving an impact for years to come.

However, how do you use the iron-on embroidery patches? Let us help you.

First, you need to decide on which surface you are sticking the motifs. Is it a shoe, a dress, or covers? Then, iron the area where you want to stick the patch. After that, place the patch and, with pressure, apply heat using an iron for 30 seconds.

Learning To Use The Magic…

Make sure that you cover all the areas and corners. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times. Then, try to slightly pull off the corners and check if it is thoroughly fixed or not. If it is done then you must leave it to cool down; however, if there are loose edges, then repeat ironing for at least two more 30-second intervals.

Wrapping It Up…

Before ending this blog, we would like to give you a little tip. It is about the role of an efficient patch maker in the timely execution of all our ideas. Hence, you must consider the following factors while you finalise a supplier.

The vendor must provide an extensive variety of motifs for you to choose from, and the quality must be extraordinary. After that, you must compare the prices of a few vendors and finalise the one that suits you the best. Moreover, it is also necessary to think about shipping or any other additional costs that may arise later. This causes an end-moment panic that you do not want. Last but not least, you must read their reviews to identify which vendor provides an excellent after-sales service.

Once you are done selecting a suitable vendor, you can continue placing an order. Order one for the house décor, one for your niece, one for your friend and one for yourself too. We hope that you have a lot of fun celebrating the occasion with your family every year.  

Keep spreading smiles everywhere with patches. Happy Easter!

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