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Order personalized woven labels from GulfPatches.com – the leading shop in Oman that deals in all types of woven label designs, like lettering, shapes, and sizes, to support your creative imagination. Plus, we control every aspect of production, from design to production, so the customer receives fine-quality woven fabric labels holding the perfect design.

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Features That Make Us Overshadow Other Woven Label Manufacturers In Oman

100% Customization100% Customization

From base material to backing options, borders, and another thread type, you can have your custom woven labels in any way you want. We excel in woven logo labels and text woven labels as well. Hence, whatever your requirements are, we'd help you with that.

2 to 3 Weeks Turnaround2 to 3 Weeks Turnaround

2 to 3 weeks is an average turnaround, which is rare in the industry because not all woven label manufacturers in Oman possess high-end machinery like we do! You can still contact our customer support team if you need it sooner than 2 weeks.

Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction Guaranteed

We don't vanish in thin air after dispatching the customer's order. Rather, we stay by the customer's side even after the order delivery. That's because just in case there's any problem with an order, we iron out it and ensure the customer is happy with the outcomes.

Custom Woven Clothing

Stunning Custom Woven Clothing Featuring Your Logo & Brand Name

Our professional custom woven labels are the top choice of leading cloting brands due to their elegance and classical touch. Made in Oman, using top-notch woven threads, your labels would surely feature every desired information.

Woven labels manufactured by us are comfortable and soft, ensuring they don't itch the skin. We use high-end and finest quality material to maintain standards. Here are a few options of material you can get your labels made in:

  • Damask
  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Polyester

Buy Woven Labels From Manufacturer That Guarantees 100% Color Match

We are the top-notch woven label suppliers specializing in woven labels on the internet. Our high-end manufacturing facilities and huge thread colour inventory ensure that your design is perfectly translated into a personalized label. We use finer threads for manufacturing the labels so the small text or fine details are transformed perfectly. As they work well for a range of apparel, you can order any design and shape!

There's No City In Oman That's Unaware Of Us As A Woven Label Provider

  • Burak
  • Miandad
  • Zaida
  • Coman
  • Cairo

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ExcellentTrustScore 4.9 | 1200 Reviews
September 10Exceptional Quality

Exceptional quality, for sure! They exceeded my expectations. The manufacturing is top-notch, and the clarity of the design is impressive. A professional service for anyone seeking durable and quality woven labels for their products.

Zubair Alam
November 02Seamless Experience

I had a seamless experience with this woven labels company, from design to delivery. Quick turnaround without compromising on quality. The labels are beautifully woven, holding intricate details. The prompt communication make this service stand out.

Shakeel Peer
Novemeber 15Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding customer service! The team behind the woven labels firm beyond to ensure my satisfaction. The labels are not only visually appealing but also durable. I highly recommend this service to businesses looking for a trustworthy labeling solution.

Nazia Sultan
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Extra Perks You Can Always Expect In Our Services

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Quantity Limit
  • Free Design Mockup With Edits
  • Free Shipping At Your Doorstep
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Custom Woven Labels Made From Industrial-Grade Machinery

With us, you'd get the most personalized woven labels without actually owning any machinery or using your looms. We have invested in industrial-grade woven machinery that consumes a lot of space but produces the finest standard woven labels. Hence, you get your woven labels manufactured out of premium quality machinery.

Our team is packed with experienced and skilled manufacturers who have been printing and weaving woven labels for years. They can sniff the slightest defect even from a mile away because they know what a good quality label looks like! We are the masters of customization and ensure our customers tailor every inch of the label.

Custom Woven Labels In Oman

Get Your Woven Labels Tailored In Any Type Of Cut & Folds

You can come to us with any possible requirement for woven fabric labels, and we'll exceed your expectations. From offering a wide range of base materials to various shapes, thread types and everything else, you'll have complete customization control! We manufacture high-end logo and letter-based custom woven labels as well. So, with us, there are no limitations in terms of personalization. Your label's base can be made from damask and taffeta and has embroidered and merrow borders as well.

What's more, we offer a wide range of cuts & folds for the labels. Custom woven labels in the end fold are preferable for sew on labels as they require stitching on the left and right sides. Other folding options include hot cut, which requires to be stitched all around 4 sides, loop fold (the most common one); book fold, manhattan fold (preferred for sleeves) and mitre fold (used in jackets, so hanging them is easier)! And even if you are looking for something more customized, we can also make that available.

Customized Woven Labels In Oman Made From Vibrant & Colorfast Thread

Using a high-quality thread for manufacturing woven labels is important. Our custom-woven labels are popular for their exceptional colourfastness, ensuring that they never bleed, even if exposed to sunlight or moisture. We source high-quality threads like rayon and polyester threads that serve longest to our customers, and they reap the maximum value out of them. Plus, the colours are vibrant poppy, enhancing the label's overall look. We use a good quality gauge thread that stays in place and doesn't break off easily, even after harsh treatment.

The threads we use can capture maximum details of the design, even the intricate ones. They are woven tightly, giving a polished and professional look. We offer polyester and rayon options for thread. The client's choice varies depending on their requirements; polyester may be best suited for complex designs, while rayon would be ideal if the design elements are big enough and have no intricateness. And if you don't know which option to pick, we'll help you decide.

Iron On Sticker In Oman

Iron On, Sticker Peel, Sew On – Pair Your Woven Labels With Any Type Of Backing

Backings of a label play a significant role because the embarrassment would be real even if you've designed an amazing woven label that fails to stick to the apparel. Therefore, pairing your woven labels with the right type of backing cannot be left to choice. Selecting the right type of backing is important because not all backing types can work for every surface. For example, an iron on would be most suitable if the apparel doesn't need to be washed frequently. Hence, sticking iron on woven labels on hats can be a wise decision.

Here, you'll find every type of backing, including, sticker peel, sew-on and more. Also, our backing types are high-end, ensuring they do not wear out after several uses. Instead, they'd keep your label in shape for the longest time possible without showing any signs of wearing out. And just in case you aren't sure which type of backing would work best for you, our consultants will help you make the decision. Just let us know about your requirements and leave the rest to the team of pros here.

Want Us To Manufacture Your Woven Labels? Here's The Buying Guide To Get Custom Woven Labels

Ready to order personalized woven labels for yourself? We'll make you walk through the whole process. The procedure begins by knowing what exactly you want. You'd come across several specifications on the order form page, like size, shape, design, backing, etc. You need to fill up the form requirements so we can quote the price precisely. There's no minimum quantity requirement to place an order with us, which is a major plus point of working with us. Once we've quoted the price, you'll be required to make an advance payment so we can proceed with the order.

Just in case your budget differs from our quoted price, you can always reach our customer support team. Although we offer pretty affordable personalized woven labels in the town, our goal is to cater to maximum budgets. We'll continue with the order once you've agreed to the price. The team will prepare the design draft and get it approved by you. And in case you wish to play around with the design or object placement, we'd help you with it. The design drafts are prepared at no additional price, and we'll begin the manufacturing process after you've approved the design.

You Have The Right To Clear Your Queries

Clients who take quality and customer service seriously are usually allured to us because we tick both requirements. We are one of the leading woven label makers in Oman, excelling in personalized woven labels for almost every apparel like t-shirts, hats, jackets, keychains, etc.

It will cost you approximately OMR XXX! However, the pricing depends upon many factors like the quantity, upgrades added to the labels, and the design's size, shape and complexity. But we still try our best to keep the prices as low as possible so maximum people can benefit from it.

To hire us, there's no minimum requirement. You can place your order with us for any quantity, and we will cater for your order requirements. You can order as few as ten pieces or even less than that. However, the lesser the quantity would be, the higher the price will be.

Yes, we offer a wide range of backing types like iron-on, sew-on & stick-on. Whatever you need, we'll help you with it. If you are ordering labels for the first time and aren't aware of the nuances, we'll help you out and offer free consultation to keep the process easy for you.

Yes, we can do that for you if it's needed. We are always looking for ways to ease customer's experience with us. Not only shirts, but we can attach labels on other apparel as well, like hats, beanies, bags, hoodies etc. Just let us know what you need, and we'll cater to your requirements.

You can expect us to manufacture your personalized woven labels in any shape or size. Apart from regular shapes like circles, squares, ovals and rectangles, we can customize shapes as well. For instance, we often have customers who need woven logo labels of a specific shape; we personalize the shapes for them.