A Guide To Grab Personalized Printed Patches On Low-Budget

Do you love decorating clothing or accessories with personalized sublimated patches but don’t want to create yourself? We understand the process of making customized badges is time and effort-consuming. Even after that, the end result often doesn’t have a polished finish. Therefore, ordering it from professional makers is the solution to save your time and energy while getting the best-ever emblems.

You also don’t have to feel concerned about breaking the bank when you can order from affordable patch-making services. We’re here to guide you on getting personalized sublimated patches at a wallet-friendly price. In this blog, we’ll share six effective strategies that you should consider to earn your desired cost-effective printed badges. Whether you order in bulk or a few numbers, this guide will let you get top-quality, perfectly tailored emblems without blowing your budget.

Tips To Get Personalized Sublimated Patches Without Blowing Your Budget

  1. Study Sublimated Patches

Catching on sublimated patches is crucial to choosing a suitable company and placing the order correctly. It is the type of badges that are made through the reverse printing method. Their procedure doesn’t include any thread or embroidery process. Therefore, they’re made quicker than the embroidered emblem. The manufacturing process involves dying the motif. Consequently, it doesn’t fade comparatively quickly and retains its appearance for a long time.

The sublimated badges also offer a crispy, vibrant, and photographic-quality look. You should go for this type to achieve badges showcasing detailed and intricate images with polished finishing. It is perfect for sports and branding due to its infinite color options and cost-effectiveness. However, like every badge comes with its pros and cons, the same case is true for this printed type. It has fabric limitations and quickly fades when exposed to sunlight or heat.

2. Keep It Simple

Consider the badge vibe once you have learned the ropes about the sublimated patches and feel sure about ordering them. Making up your mind about the appearance you would like your emblem to have will let you make the forthcoming decisions easily. For instance, you can add as many colors or typography intricacies as you desire, but it will ultimately impact the overall pricing. Therefore, consider your budget first and then choose the vibe accordingly.

Option for the simple and minimalistic approach if you’re on a strict budget. Hire a company that offers affordable personalized printed patches. The reputable and reasonable services will provide you with more customizable options at a low price. There is a misconception that adding too many hues or textures to the badge will enhance its charm. The reality is it’s the opposite – the more you limit colors and patterns, the further your motif catches attention and conveys its intended message.

3. Design Yourself

By now, you already have a vibe or theme within your mind. It is time to transform it into a realistic design. Think about the purpose of your sublimated personalized patches to determine their look. Are you getting them for styling, promoting a brand, or showcasing your sportsman spirit? Whatever the intention, come up with a relevant appearance for your emblem.

You can take up some inspiration from online resources, such as Pinterest, Behance, Dribble, or websites of printed patch-making services. You can transfer your idea into a design by hand sketching or creating it using software like Canva. Photoshop or Printful Design Maker will also equally benefit in this case. You can also share your thoughts and ask professional badge designers to create them. However, hiring reputable manufacturers will allow you free emblem design assistance.

4. Determine The Shape And Size

While getting your customized printed badges the shape and size are next factor you should consider . There is no straight answer, but it depends on every individual’s preferences and usage. Would you like to go for standard shapes like circles, squares, ovals, or a custom-made right according to your logo? If you’re low on budget, stick to one of the typical shapes.

Determine the size according to the intricacies you want to include, its visibility, and available space. 1-2 inches is the perfect smaller size for decorating the accessories. In comparison, three to six inches or more than that suits the motifs ideal for clothing. Consequently, reflect on the intended use, design readability, and functionality to get affordable personalized printed patches in UAE. Whatever you choose should align with your branding or fashion style and provide effortlessly readability.

5. Choose The Ideal Backing Option

Let’s take a look at the most ideal backing option that you can get for customizing your printed badges:

Sew-On Backing:
It is a classic and long-lasting option that requires a stitching motif onto the garment or accessory. This type suits fabrics that can withstand sewing, like jackets, uniforms, or bags.
Velcro Backing:
The emblem consists of a hook and a loop, which are suitable for emblems that need to be frequently removed or switched. The hook is adhered to the backside of the badge, whereas the circle is stitched to the garment on one.
Adhesive Backing:
It comprises a sticky adhesive layer that readily applies to the desired item. It is a convenient option but doesn’t provide durability like other types.

You can choose one option that suits the apparel you would attach to and provides maximum durability.

6. Hire The Suitable And Reputable Patch-Maker

Here comes the hardest and also the most fruitful step! Undertaking this phase can either get the most out of your investment or make it go down the drain. So, hire an online reputable patch maker with a diverse history of success and satisfactory experience. Outsource to a company that provides top-class quality, durability, design, and customization options within your budget. Ensure they don’t have hidden fees and minimum ordering quantity to order as few emblems as you want.

Besides, collaborating with a supplier that offers discounts and loyalty perks will also benefit you in the long term. Also, evaluate their estimated turnaround time to ensure they align with your expectations, especially if you have badges for some momentous occasion. Lastly, outsource your customized printed emblems to an online supplier that offers free product delivery and excellent customer service for effective communication.


Sublimated patches are made from the dye sublimation process and are a great branding tool. It comes with myriad customization choices, allowing you to get the picture-perfect customized print badge. With its vibrant and photo-realistic look, you can enhance the beauty of your clothing and accessories. Thus, don’t worry about losing money when you can quickly get top-quality and eye-alluring ones on an affordable budget.

Consider the strategies shared within this guide to get elegant and long-lasting personalized sublimated patches while sticking to your financial plan. Once you keep them in mind while placing an order, you will get a product tailored perfectly to your requirements.

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