Design A Custom Patches Under A Budget

Bid a farewell to the days when customized patches were seen only on the uniforms of students and military people.

In this era, patches are one of the famous fashion supplies and are used for different purposes. Their tailored property boosts their requirement in numerous sectors of the World. From acting as a strong marketing tool to assisting in portraying the personality of individuals, these ornamental pieces are becoming everyone’s beloved.

Designing personalized embroidered badges can be an ideal way to add a personalized feel to accessories and clothing, but the price can sometimes be a hurdle. However, it is feasible to design customized patches on a budget by taking into account a few key elements.

In this blog, we will talk about how you can design personalized embroidered patches by taking into account your budget. So keep pursuing.

Tips To Craft Custom Patches At Reasonable Rates

  1. Choose Aesthetics

Choosing a design that fits your brand or taste is the initial step in crafting custom embroidery patches. It may charge extra to make a complex design with different minute features and colors. Consider unique elements that make sense, such as icons, logos, text, or logos. A simple yet effective design works great in different cases, especially when working on a small budget. This will not only minimize the cost of production but also enhance the retention and recognizability of your badge.

  1. Design The Artwork By Yourself

As we are mindful, badge-making is not practicable on your own, as it demands materials and equipment.

You can do one thing, and that is craft your personalized artwork by yourself. Yes, you read right; it doesn’t demand much. All you require is any design tool like Photoshop or Canva, along with your artistry, and you can simply craft your desired artwork.

By doing this, you will not only get your dream sketch but can also minimize the cost that producers ask for designing a badge. So, no matter what your aim for crafting these ornamental pieces, doing a bit of work on your own won’t cost you much.

  1. Explore Different Patch Types

While thinking about the procedure of crafting customized patches, you can’t omit this factor, which is its multiple types. ‘|”

You might have observed that similar artwork looks different on various kinds of emblems. Each type has its attributes that make it different from others. Thus, you won’t see the same output on the PVC ones as you can obtain on the Chenille badges. If you notice personalized embroidered patches, you will see that each one of them needs a distinct amount of labor and material. So, picking decorative items that ask for less can reduce the price.

You can choose from sew-on, woven, printed, iron-on, leather, and many more alternatives. So, choose those that match your budget and needs.

  1. Place Mass Order

Bulk orders of custom patches are among the easiest ways to minimize their cost. Don’t think before placing a larger order to take advantage of cut-down prices offered by badge producers. Consider your requirements anxiously and sort out how many patches you’ll require before placing a massive order. Consider the elements incorporating the size of your firm, the deliberate use of the badges, and any possible expansion plans.

  1. Select The Inexpensive Backing Type

Patches can be produced using different attachment methods, although they usually transform depending on the object you desire to attach the customized patches to. Even though sew-on patches are inexpensive, hiring a professional to sew them can increase the total cost. If you desire to apply badges rapidly and do it on your own, another choice is to use iron-on badges, which can be put in one at a time. Although they are not the low-priced option, Velcro loops, and hooks are stylish and practical. The most expensive option, magnetic badges, cannot be attached to clothing and are weighty, which increases the cost of delivery.

  1. Procedure Of The Patch

Plan your patch buy by the life cycle phase of your product to minimize expenses. Order larger quantities during the maturity and growth stages when feasible promotional prices are likely to be minimized, and smaller amounts during the launching and decline periods when feasible promotional prices are likely to be inflated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What material do you utilize to manufacture embroidery badges?

The most popular and best fabrics for embroidered badges are acetate, cotton, silk, polyester, polyurethane, and wool. Undoubtedly, the most frequently used fabric is cotton since it’s simple to work with, lightweight, and soft.

  1. How do I transform an image into a patch?

Position the printed image horizontally on the fabric. Indicating the directions on the transfer paper packaging for how long you should heat it to get the complete image. Hold on to the transfer paper with a heated iron for the suggested time. Remove the transfer paper and let the fabric dry up.

  1. Why are personalized badges so expensive?

The price of custom-embroidered patches can differ depending on many factors, such as the quantity, size, complexity of the design, and the preferred vendor. Normally, the bigger the patch and the more complex the design, the higher the price will be. The kind of fabric utilized for the badge can also influence the cost.


In this current epoch, people go for cost-effective and innovative methods to do anything.

So, why invest your money in purchasing readymade badges when you can design personalized ones for yourself? For your relief, we have covered a few effectual strategies that can assist you in minimizing the cost of your patches according to your budget. Now, it is your task to implement them and witness the results on your own.

Lastly, whether you desire to promote your business or make these ornamental pieces for a birthday party, ensure to go for striking designs. These days, people choose brighter and more vivid artwork because they look eminent from a distance.

Thus, no matter if you pick 2 or 3 colors, ensure that they are vigorous and are in comparison with each other. So, begin now, make a budget, and start designing your embroidered badges.

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